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  • Palawan

    One of the most beautiful places in Philippines,Palawan is a largely unexplored and unexploited province of wonderful scenery and amazing tropical beauty.

  • Tagaytay

    At just 55 Kilometers Tagaytay is a perfect escape from the heat of Metro Manila.

  • Philippines visit December 2012

    This was my second visit to Philippines.The first one was more of a business visit alone. This time I was with my family and purely for vacation.

  • Boracay

    Boracay White Beach
    Miles and miles of powdery white sand, crystal clear water on the most gently sloping beaches, boats and bankas floating on waves in the background of the setting sun, people swimming and frolicking in the crystal clear waters, having candlelight dinner on the most romantic place on earth.
  • Manila

    For most of the visitors to Philippines Manila is the first stop in their journey. Also known as Metro Manila the national capital region of the Philippines is actually composed of 16 cities.

Tourist Places in Philippines